This blog shares my efforts to make new things in old ways, and to bring old things back into their rightful places in the human world.

I got into woodworking by inheriting some of my great grandfather’s tools, studying 19th century American literature, wrestling with the concept of good work, and reading Christopher Schwarz’s The Anarchist’s Tool Chest (the first time I read it I got a copy through interlibrary loan from my university).

I’m not a professional woodworker in any way–but I am a professional literary critic. So, the blog will often feature musings on philosophy, literature, and the nature of this community I’ve become a part of.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. As someone with advanced degrees and who sat at a desk for years before finding woodworking, I appreciate your perspective and also your love of prose.

    I write to ask a silly question. I saw the pole lathe in one of your posts and was wondering if you had plans for that pole lathe. I’m definitely heading in that direction, but I’d like to work from plans rather than trying to design from scratch.


    By the way, your most recent post was powerful. I wish you the best in your journey through that situation.


  2. Not sure how to contact you. I am also in Lincoln and a hand tool woodworker. I carve spoons, and build post and rung as well as windsor style chairs. If you ever want to chat over a coffee or a beer let me know. I know Jarod and have a pole lathe as well. Anyway. A local kindred spirit is always nice to know. rod. rodtermaat@gmail.com. Heading to the 10 annual spoon gathering in Mn next week to teach and meet up with old friends.


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