(French) Anarchism, Reviewed


An essay I wrote (probably not terribly insightful, but I hope at least entertaining and informative) was published today by Full Stop Quarterly. Here’s a teaser:

But this past-focused woodworking community seems mostly unaware of a paradox at its center. The social network-based democratization of Instagram and blogs created a virtual space for community to form around this nostalgia. The very infrastructure upon which the supposedly independent community is built relies on surveillance and monetization of users by massive capitalized corporations. The ethos is vaguely Jeffersonian, yet most of the posts feel wholesomely apolitical, only trying to bring what was appealing about the past into the current moment and updating it to modern (and modernist) sensibilities. Perhaps for that reason, apoliticism seems to be what Lost Art Press is most insistent that hand tool woodworking is not.

Read more at http://www.full-stop.net/quarterly/



One thought on “(French) Anarchism, Reviewed

  1. Dear sir
    I enjoyed your article/essay.
    I found it a quite impressive reflection and resume very well the current views from a person like me who was born and living in a small nation across the pond.
    Thank you sir


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